Throughout the festival there will be three panel discussions which aim to bring attention to important topics in the world of drag which need to be spoken about. Each will bring together four speakers and a moderator to bring their different perspectives to the conversation.
All discussions will be held in English language. All discussions will have free entry - first come first served.

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Drag and Intersectionality

Intersectional feminism considers how multiple structures of oppression and  socioeconomic conditions provide power for some, and leave other groups and individuals marginalised. Factors such as where you are born, which skin tone you have, the genitals you are born with, how you are able to navigate the world physically and mentally, impact your political identity and can bring priviledges or discrimination. All of the panel discussions will aim to bring an intersectional approach to conversations about drag, but in this discussion we will have a focused conversation about gender and race, global inequalities and decolonial drag, and cultural appropriation.

Moderated by Effie Dennis, with speakers Lola Rose, Parisa Madani, Lau Perrea

English Theatre Berlin |
International Performing Arts Center

Fidicinstr. 40
10965 Berlin - Kreuzberg
Wed 5 October 2022 - 16:00 - 18:00

The Gender Binary and its Discontents

This panel discussion will bring together different artists whose identities, in or out of drag, tackle binary ways of understanding gender. Where did these binary ideas come from and how can we deconstruct them? How can drag be a tool for deconstructing essentialised notions of sex and gender as binary? What is drag like when it goes beyond queen and king, woman and man? Why are so many people beginning to idenfify with non/post-binary understandings of the world?

Moderated by Zoé Lohmann/Alexander Cameltoe - with speakers Joaquin La Habana, Prince Emrah, Alice Moe/Eric Big Clit

Caligariplatz 1
13086 Berlin - Weißensee
Fri 7 October 2022 - 16:00 - 18:00


Womxn* and Drag

go drag! is a festival which aims to bring those who are often not represented on drag stages and in the media to the forefront. How do we find a language to describe the similarities that we share as drag performers who are often marginalised in mainstream representations of drag? While also acknowledging that our experiences are specific and varied? Since the first go drag! festival in 2002 there has been an explosion of drag representation, however this representation often only extends to cis male drag queens. How do artists who have not been granted access to this media spotlight support one another? How do we harness the political power of subversive drag which fights patriarchal standards?

Moderated by Cherdonna Shinatra, with speakers Daddy Dyke, Afro Disiac, Brown Sugar Biscuit.

Monumentenstr. 13
10829 Berlin - Schöneberg
Sat 8 October 2022 - 16:00 - 17:30