Five cabaret evenings throughout the festival will give space for many artists to share short performances.

For the afternoon cabaret at ufaFabrik Bridge Markland is happy to present her legendary short drag performances she developed since the early 90‘s. She invited amazing guest performers of various generations and styles to share the stage with her.

The four cabaret evenings at Monster Ronsons aim to give space to various perspectives from the underbelly of the drag world which challenge normative ideas about what drag is and who it is for. Two evenings celebrate Drag Kings, who’s performances implicitly refer to gender dynamics in the world and the dissolution of patriarchal politics through seizing the means of masculine performativity. The Ladies Night cabaret will honour Drag Queens who approach femininity in varied yet specific ways due to their off stage gender expression as women, trans, non binary, or tunte. Finally, the Drag Without Limits cabaret will offer creature, non binary, bestial, or extra terrestrial artists the opportunitiy to share their post-human perspectives on gender performativity.

Festival Opening

At the Grand Opening of go drag! festival we will gather together everyone who made the festival possible to raise a toast and celebrate at Tipsy Bear Berlin. The event will begin with the Berlin Off Stage exhibition by Aja Jacques. Bridge Markland the initiator of go drag! festival will hold a speech. Together we will take a look at what is to come for the nine days of drag festivities.  From 19.00 there will be a concert featuring performers from the Berlin drag community who make their own original music.
The exhibition opening will be free of charge, to enjoy the event after 18.30 you must have a ticket. There are 50 presale tickets available. After 20.00 we will also have tickets on the door if there is still space in the bar.

Tipsy Bear
Eberswalder Straße 21
10437 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg
Sat 1 October 2022 - 19:00

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Festival Opening Concerts with:
Mad Kate (they/them) is an electronic producer, performance artist, sex worker and writer who began working the Berlin performance and club scene in 2004, expanding their unique identity-queering, genderfucking and sexpositive performative work throughout music, theatre and film. Their explorations of borders between/within bodies, audibility, consent, proximity, and touch as political practice have brought them to theaters, communes, technomansions, prisons, dungeons, squats and galleries around the world.

Dornika  Gender fluid Iranian-American artist Dornika is a Berlin based musician, visual artist, drag performer and vocal coach. Born in Tehran, she migrated with her mom to the US at age 7 only to move back a few years later to Tehran where she grew up. She moved to Berlin in 2017, establishing herself shorty after in the vibrant queer nightlife scene, creating alter-ego Many Faced Godx, and mixing drag, music and dance performance in festivals and clubs in Europe.
Dornika's work is heavily influenced by her activism, confronting subjects of state violence, sexism, inequality and mental health. Her debut single, Fatbulous, is a body positive high energy pop track celebrating traditionally shamed elements of female bodies. Dornika’s music is not bound by genre. She draws from all parts of her life, picking up as she goes and exploring elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop, Iranian folk, voguing beats, techno and experimental electronic music.

Bridge Markland + Guests: queens + kings

An Afternoon with Bridge Markland’s legendary short GenderTransformations. Since the beginning of the 90‘s toured around the world – here – in one show! We meet: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Comfy Karl, Banana Gitti, Small Time Crook Sascha Sehrschön.
Featured Guests: Alexander Cameltoe, Buba Sababa, Dieter Rita Scholl, Very Confused, Veronica Otto(nica).

ufaFabrik - Varieté Salon
Viktoriastraße 10-18
12105 Berlin - Tempelhof

Sun 2 October 2022 - 15:00
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Bridge Markland (born 1961 in West-Berlin) plays with Gender Roles. With 17 she wore her first double-breasted pinstriped suit with women’s makeup. Her lightning-fast transformations between sexes and gender roles are legendary and natural elements of her stage performances. Bridge is a pioneer of Drag + Gender Performance in Germany and has been seen on stages professionally since 1985. Together with Diane Torr she co-created the first go drag! festival in 2002.

illustrous Guests:

The Queer Legend – Dieter Rita Scholl (Freiburg/Munich/Berlin)
non-binary since 1979, performing as chanson singer, on theatre stages, in feature films, TV series (Babylon Berlin and others).

Very Confused (France/Berlin) straight from the 4th dimension, this vision appearing on your reality like a virus is named Very Confused. The pride of underground emotions, trip on catharsis and traveller of our matrix, this water colored clown transcends gender, words and realities.

Buba Sababa (Israel/Berlin) is one of Berlin's most prolific drag kings, the reigning King of Kreuzberg of the 2021 Mx. Kotti drag pageant. As a member of the Venus Boys Collective he is one of the leaders of Berlin's Drag King Revolution. He produces shows all over Berlin and has made a name for himself facilitating community workshops for up and coming Drag Kings, and letting new King performers take their first steps on his stage at his monthly show „König" at Tipsy Bear. He is a chameleon of performance, cabaret, and theatre, as well as a gifted costume designer and teacher.

Alexander Cameltoe (Switzerland/Berlin) One of Berlin's already legendary Drag Kings and gender-fuck performers of the younger generations. Alexander Cameltoe is dedicated to playing with different forms of masculinity and leans into the extremes across the gender spectrum.

Berlin Musician Veronica Otto(nica) in female Drag – gives Bridge as Karl + the audience wonderful accompaniment with overtone singing, accordeon and cello.

Photos of: Bridge Markland: Photogräphin Manuela Schneider; Very Confused: Kai Heimberg; Buba Sababa: Kai Heimberg; Dieter Rita
Scholl: Rafael Medina; Alexander Cameltoe: Tony Stewart

Boys of Berlin

An evening to celebrate Berlin’s masculine talent. Drag Kings, and performers that play with masculinity, who currently live and work in the city. Get your beers and your bratwurst, it's the boys of Berlin! Hosted by Mo B. Dick, featuring Caine Panik, Kaputino, Magic Dyke, Mojo, Océan, and Ryan Stecken.

Monster Ronson's
Warschauer Straße 34
10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Mon 3 October 2022 - 22:00

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Mo B. Dick (LA/USA), Drag King Legend, MC extraordinaire, Show producer, and Drag King historian, is cited as one of the founding fathers of the modern-day Drag King movement. This host with the most is a wise-cracking, tough-talking knucklehead with an outspoken wit and charm that will make your heart swoon. When hosting a show, Mo has a charismatic, engaging, humorous style. His performances range from stand up comedy, classic lip sync, conceptual acts, to monologues with music.

Caine Panik is Berlin's pre-post-apocalyptic gentlepunk and since 2017 has been enchanting, amusing and irritating the audience with a mix of showtunes, spoken word lip sync, burlesque and fetish elements.

Kaputino, Jota Ramos (b. 1989, BraSil) is a multidisciplinary trans masculine visual artist. Through Kaputino he explores gender identities, addresses political issues and searches for performativities that question stereotypes. For the artist, drag is more than an artistic expression, it is a means to self-knowledge.

Magic Dyke is a masculine stripping party group of dykes, butches, studs, bois, mascs, lesbians, sapphics, trans and non-binary people. Creating spaces by and for the FLINTA* community through Magic Mike dance and strip.

Mojo, the Sword Swallower of Switzerland is a Drag King and part of the performance collective Venus Boys. A part-time milkman and lonely one-man cabaret, Mojo wanders the streets of Berlin hoping to be reunited with his long-lost twin.

Océan has, for 20 years, travelled the world with their multifaceted performances incl. poetry slam, dance, music & singing - with a French accent and a deep, dual perspective on life.

Ryan Stecken, a familiar face from stage and television, this internationally booked drag quing will tear at your heartstrings with their emotionally charged ballads and political message.

Photos of: Mo B. Dick: Michelle Groskopf; Magic Dyke: Self Portrait; Caine Panik: anonymous; Kaputino: Douglas Pingituro; Mojo: Luis Alvarez; Océan: Jubal Battisti; Ryan Stecken: Victor Hensel Coe

International Men of Mystery

An evening to celebrate Drag Kings who live and work outside of Germany. This cabaret will introduce a Berlin audience to the different flavors of Drag King performance which exist in other cities. Get ready to meet these international men of mystery. Hosted by Mo B. Dick (USA), featuring Afro Disiac (USA), Timmy (Latvia), Ken Pollet (Spain), Prinx Chiyo (UK), and Saint Eugene (France).

Monster Ronson's
Warschauer Straße 34
10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Tue 4 October 2022 - 22:00

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Mo B. Dick (LA/USA), Drag King Legend, MC extraordinaire, Show producer, and Drag King historian, is cited as one of the founding fathers of the modern-day Drag King movement. This host with the most is a wise-cracking, tough-talking knucklehead with an outspoken wit and charm that will make your heart swoon. When hosting a show, Mo has a charismatic, engaging, humorous style. His performances range from stand up comedy, classic lip sync, conceptual acts, to monologues with music.

Afro Disiac born and raised in the USA is a LIVE and Lip sync Drag Performing Artist and Comedian with over 20 years experience. Their vibe is Hip Hop Faggotry, Classic Crooner with a touch of ridiculous. They love to keep the audience engaged & begging for more.

Timmy is the co-founder and manager of the Baltic Drag King Collective. During the day works through excel sheets to support the Baltic drag community and in the evening masks two left feet with an approachable chipper persona.

Ken Pollet, philosopher and gender terrorist, is pushing the scene in Barcelona by organising events, workshops and debates-inverviews. He uses parody and desire as weapons to crack gender norms & machismo.

Prinx Chiyo, the UK's Prinx of Provocation - named one of Attitude Mag's 101 Trailblazers of the Year and praised for his impact on the future of Drag. CHIYO is a pioneer in the scene, being one of the first Drag Artists to ever perform at Wembley Stadium, touring as a dancer with multiple pop stars, and being the first Trans man to ever compete for Mr Gay UK.

Saint Eugene uses drag king performance as a means of exploration through hypersensitive and paradoxical masculinities. Since 2018, he's been using striptease as a form of storytelling.

Photos of: Afro Disiac: Afro Disiac; Freddie Love: Andrew Knights; Prinx Chiyo: The Glory; Ken Pollet: Eli Penya; Saint Eugene: Malo Lecollinet

Ladies Night

An evening to celebrate extraordinary Drag Queens and femme drag performers. Get your wigs and your lashes and your heels because it's ladies night! Hosted by Cherdonna Shinatra (USA), featuring Future Stone (D), Juwelia (Berlin), Lawunda Richardson (USA), Prince Emrah (Turkmenistan/Berlin), Kaey (Berlin), Brown Sugar Biscuit (Singapore/Berlin). 

Monster Ronson's
Warschauer Straße 34
10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Wed 5 October 2022 - 22:00

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Jody Kuehner is Seattle-based dance artist, director, and performance artist Cherdonna Shinatra. She is a queer dancer who uses clowning, drag, theater, comedy, performance art, camp, pop culture, queer culture, feminist traditions, absurdity and subversive commentary to make art. Cherdonna is a persona created by Jody to explore and question themselves and the world.

Future Stone The fiercest AFAB Queen Berlin has to offer. Set up the table, she's serving full fantasy from the splits to the tits. Don't dwell on the past, give it up for Future.

Juwelia (Stefan Stricker) born 1963 in Korbach Germany. Beauty dancer in Las Vegas 1995 - 2005. Since 2006 runs the transi-dreaming Gallery: Galerie Studio St. St. in Berlin - Neukölln.

Lawunda Richardson. Do you ever wonda of the fantasy of Lawunda? She's forever searching for that light at the end of the lyric. A poem.

Prince Emrah (pronouns she/he) is a professional belly dancer, a dance trainer, a beauty & wellness student, a make-up artist, a DJ, and an occasional drag queen based in Berlin. A few years ago, she arrived in Berlin as a refugee from Turkmenistan and is of Kurdish & Azerbaijan descent. Since then, he has built an impressive artistic career in Berlin's performance art scene and beyond. Emrah is the mother of an artist collective called "House of Royals," which provides a space for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees from countries such as Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Libya, and the like.

Kaey is a Berlin based Diva who is a singer, a host, an actresss an trans activist and a fashion designer. She combines multiple talents to entertain the audience. Her soulful voice catches everybody who hears her sing. She performed on all the Stages in Berlin. Tiny underground clubs and big theater Stages. With her Band Strawberry KaeyK she released two records.

Brown Sugar Biscuit
Recently moved to Berlin, the new It girl in town, Singaporean Indian Drag Artist. A proud Tamil Transwoman, featured in Vogue Singapore for International Women's Day 2022.  Made her first debut performance In Monster Ronson’s and was the Beyoncé herself at Melt Festival 2022. She is full of energy, fierce and feisty, yet soft and sensual. Definitely a C.U.N.T. You may have spotted her at the Rave/Love Parade or on the insta posts of Tagesschau your "8 o'clock German News". She is hard to miss, she is everywhere and she is definitely taking over the scene in Berlin.

Photos of: Prince Emrah: Samet Durgun; Lawunda: Javier Cerrada; Beau Blonde: Joshua Cadogan; Juwelia: Annette Frick; Kaey: self portrait; Juwelia: self portrait

Drag Without Limits

An evening to celebrate Drag performers who work beyond the binary. Drag Quings, creatures, aliens, beasts. Beyond man and woman, king and queen, beyond human! What lies beyond hetoronormative imaginings? What is drag without limits? Hosted by Eric big Clit (Vienna/Austria), featuring Bala Bimbambum (Armenia/Berlin), Lilith the Quing (Brazil/Berlin), Psoriasis (???/???), Sasha Kills (Paris/Berlin), Femmeboyant (Italy/Berlin). 

Monster Ronson's
Warschauer Straße 34
10243 Berlin - Friedrichshain
Thur 6 October 2022 - 22:00

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Eric big Clit is a Drag Quing / Drag Thing dealing with their own growth on stage. As a character, they showed a huge development themselves, they want to see in our world, generally. Radical softness meets kinky humorous wholesomeness.

Bala Bimbambum is The Berlin Drag Creature that is going to show you a glimpse of their universe called Bugistan. Far from gender they will shock you with colors and creatures from their land.

Lilith the Quing, the mistress of demons, daddy of nymphs, the genderless contrasexual shapeshifter spacebender dreamdrifter brings fluidity and consciousness with devilish kindness. Lilith is chaos beyond the human binary with a touch of drama, camp and provocative and a pinch of fairy tale and magic.

Sasha Kills, Trans Nonbinary GODX & creator of La Guillotine in Berlin & Paris - Sasha Kills is a Neo-French chimeric creature with a Berlin aftertaste a la Mullholland Drive in the early morning.

Femmeboyant is a queer creature that is as much flamboyant as awkward, as silly as serious. They are on a continuous quest to playfully expand our realm of possibilities through drag, humour and absurdity.

Parisa Madani // psoriasis aka b1txx3$k?llah* fka the persian princis from the gorgeous house of gucci and the iconic hall of fame kiki house of juicy couture. The story of a long nailed German-iranian woman of trans* experience with sharp green eyes working with live arts and the communities.

Photos of: Eric Big Clit: Self Portrait; Balabimbambum: Self Portrait; Godxxx: Tony Stewart; Lilith the Quing: Papi Pistola; Sasha Kills: Marco Gorgoroso; psoriasis: Mathias Casado Castro; Femmeboyant: Self Portrait